RNK Group epitomizes “passion at work” in totality.

We draw heavily for customer satisfaction which helps us for imbibing and living our brand. Simply put, this means that we do not cut corners toward making quality work.

Our inclination towards an eco-friendly built environment leads us to Green projects. We have built success stories for green and sustainable buildings in Pune. One of our projects, “Royal Orange County” in association with Orange County Group, was awarded by GRIHA for the “first five-star rated residential project” in India and a platinum rating by IGBC.

As a developer, we remain firmly committed to creating spaces where people can live & work with complete satisfaction

We are acutely conscious of the fact that due to rapid urbanization, there are huge challenges in the environment,  as a part of the “maker of city infrastructure” we shall continue to provide satisfactory sustainable solutions.

We rely on our people, their capacities to innovate, and their use of technology to create immense value for all our stakeholders. We will continue to raise the bar and set new standards in the industry to strengthen this goal of ours.

To the misfits. To the bold thinkers. To the dots outside of the box.
To the ones who have been told no again and again.
To the ones whose ideas have been laughed at.
To the ones whose passion has been made a mockery of.

We hear you.
We call out to you.
And We back your bold and unconventional ideas.

Whether you are looking for the launch pad for your business ideas or the network to make your business grow stronger; with our team of passion fuelled, hungry overachievers, your out of the box ideas will be taken to the next level

Whether you are a 20 year-old college drop-out or a 60 year-old retired employee, if you have the next big idea and the courage to pursue it, we have got your back.

From building your company from ground up to enduring the grind of the business mill, our team, our expertise and our resources will be with you at every step.