At RNK Landmarks, we believe that it’s the bold and the sustainable designs that leaves behind a legacy in form of reputed landmarks. Even though walking the path of success may be grueling, sustainable designs and execution with a consistent drive & a practical perspective will lead to summits unseen.

Our beliefs are our true reflection and the reflection of the work we do. We approach our professional and personal goals with these same values and leave traces of success and transformation wherever we go and in whatever we do.

Passion & Dedication

We are passionately involved in and highly dedicated to every project we shoulder and every venture we undertake. Even if it is 2 am and you have the slightest hesitation or doubt, we will be there – just a call away.


We call it the way we see it. Our honesty, straight-forwardness and openness define our ethos. Our eye is always on the new and the changed. We welcome new ideas, innovations and people with the same vigor we uphold our principles.

Practical Perspective

We back the bold and the unconventional while rooting ourselves in the reality of the practical world. Great ideas remain ideas on paper unless and until we put the lens of reality on them and turn them into great businesses.

Bold & Unconventional

We have chosen the off-beaten a lot of the times. We have gone against toxic conventions and challenged the unchanging ideals. We believe in ideas that defy the crowd and the conventional; because to be exceptional, you have to think exceptionally.